Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Randomly Me- Yelp

There's a soft spot in my heart for Yelp. Once I discovered it, it was on and popping. I even got some of my friends and family members to get an account. Whenever I travel, I always try to check Yelp out so that I can see the hot spots from the locals; point of view. Another kool part of Yelp is the built in social networking aspect. You can make 'friend' which allows you to follow their reviews. Ya girl even scored a date from the site #justsayn!!!

Well today on Yelp, I was browsing through the conversation and events section. How the
conversation section works is; someone starts a topic and you can chine in if you'd like to. Today's interesting topic was Haiku Garden- Plant Your Thoughts. Below are some of the Haiku's that I wrote. Please feel free to comment or add any of your Haiku's in the comment section. Let's just say I may have had too much time on my hands *side eye*

1. Two Cups of Coffee
got to have them Everyday
Need a Keurig Soon

2. My toe is broken
and I can't wear any heels
Can't be how cute feels...

3. I need a new toe
have to find one soon
All my heels miss me

4. I hate work today
I work tomorrow too
I hate work that's work

5. Disregard the last
That Haiku was a real joke
Got to keep my job

6. Reggie is thinking
How to write a Haiku too
Five Seven Five FOOL!!!

7. This is my last one
having too much fun with this
Working starts now... BYE

8. Kristin likes Haiku
but will Haiku like Kristin
like a drug addiction? <- From a Yelper to me

9. Haiku's love me too
so we both keep coming back
Fiend needs Haiku crack!!!

10. I am logging off
can't lose my job over this
Failed Haiku piss test!!!

I also wrote some that I didn't post on the site after I schooled my co-worker on Haiku's (he went to DC Public Schools #dontjudgehim). SN- My co-worker brought in a dip that's how the next Haiku came about LoL!!!

11. I don't eat chicken
But I just ate chicken dip
Here comes major shit!!!

12. Some things should just die
Like people wearing lace fronts
Hairline on eyebrows

Now you see that this post was really random, yet VERY, VERY entertaining!!!

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