Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Reloaded

One of the reasons I've been MIA for most of the month is because I've had tonsillitis. I know you may be reading this like... that kept you from typing? A little yes and a little no. I was trying to be responsible with my time management (or so I thought) and decided to wait to go to the doctor until my scheduled time off (around Thanksgiving). Funny, cause the old me would take a day as soon as I got a day. But now I hold on to PTO like an extra man on Mario, you never know when there's a real emergency, or an interview *wink, wink*. Anyways, I digress.

I noticed the white spots on my tonsils around Oct. 15th and I thought it was getting better instead it got worse. I bought over the counter meds. that did nothing but say FU!!! Sooo I woke up feeling like I had been mugged the day prior and figured it was time for me to go to the doctor. I took antibiotics for 10 days and guess what... they said FU again. So last week I had to call to make yet another appointment, plus I forgot to add in I've been falling asleep at the wheel too. Luckily the appointment was for today because Saturday I woke up and could hardly walk. It has got worse since then to the point of tears, I tried to soak in a lovely Lush bathe unfortunately, that didn't work. I even missed out on my $70 tickets to go see the Nutcracker (still pissed about that one). So of course, one more thing to add to my checkoff. Come to find out I have a pinched nerve WTF. So today I was prescribed yet another antibiotic (for 10 days) and 2 more for my pain. Hopefully, I'll start to feel a difference really soon cause this is for the birds. I've missed a sorority rehearsal and fashion events so below is my recipe for a better me plus a bit of prayer.