Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 Days til 30

I can't believe that in exactly 30 days I'll be 30. When I just sit back and think about it I have a Marvin Sapp never-would-have-made-it moment. There are sooo many situations, challenges and ups and downs that I've faced over these 29 years but I'm happy that I am able to say that I'm still here. I used to joke with a co-worker of mine about being old and she'd say that I'd better hope to make it her age and you know what I don't. What I do hope; is that I can have even more longevity and make it to my 80's or 90's. There are sooo many of my peers that didn't get to see 29 let alone 30. So right now (although I haven't actually made it to 30) I am sooo very thankful!!! I will share with you in future post 30 in-depth lessons or things that I've learned on this journey we call life.

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