Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012...

That was my Facebook post for the end of the year. No, I am not out celebrating *sad face* I'm in bed with the worse case of heartburn/acid reflux, talking on the phone to my #1 fan, and reflecting on the year.

When it comes to blogging there were sooo many times that I wanted to blog and didn't. No excuses, just didn't get around to it. I took the pictures but never put them on for you all to see what was going on with me. Trust me, I will definitely work on that in the coming year. So although I'm saying goodbye to 2012, here are a few recaps...

This was a great day, my sissy graduated from highschool. Super proud of you Kamille. I was also happy that I was able to spend time with my other family members too.

I participated in a blogger swap and was happy to meet Kara. This was the gift I gave her. I never posted about the swap because I felt like my gift had nothing to do with what I stated I was interested in *side eye* but no hard feelings. I'm definitely interested in partnering with someone to do a blogger swap (don't all respond at once).

                    Me being vain on my best friend (iPad), there are several more of these lol

Got my nose re-pierced for my 30th Bday!!! I look rough because this was after I went zip lining (sooo much fun).

I ended up having an awesome birthday celebration. My friends really came through to support. Still looking good at 30!!!

This summer I took a family vacay to Miami. Ummmm... I had several things planned let's just say they did go down how I would have liked them to. Doubt if I'll do the family vacay again #justsayn.

                                         Me being vain again!!! Yes, there are more!!!

                                        Me and the homie taking a mini trip to B-More!!!

                                                                     ASU alumni turnt up in DC!!!

                                                                                           My lil cuzsss and I

                                                                              Yes that's Phillip and Emmanuel!!!

October, was my absolute FAV month. A few of my classmates were in the area visiting, so we bar hopped on 8th street. I was also able to go back to Ga. for my alma mater's homecoming and my grandma's 74th birthday. Last but not least, I helped out with a zombie 5k after seeing it on the travel channel. I will definitely be running in it next year *fingers crossed*.

                        You're sooo vain, you probably thought this blog is about you... lol!!!

                                                      That tee is my FAV tee (I wear it everywhere), you can get one too at Oyin!!!
Attending the Gentleman's Jack hiphop/art event in DC was sooo fun!!! If this event comes to your area, definitely RSVP. its worth it; but do get there early the line was super long and moved very slow!!!

                                  My #1 fan sent me this fruit basket, he know's I don't eat fruit but LOVE Hello Kitty, super sweet gesture!!!
Thanksgiving this year was spent with my co-workers/new friend and it was good food and good conversations. I feel like this year I have really stepped out of my comfort zone. I am sooo happy that God allowed new people to enter my life.

                                                     I HATE my shirt/sweater was bunched up *pouts*

                                 Always a good time with super sweet blogging buddy ViVi.


Carla said...

Happy New Year!

Special K said...

@Carla Happy New Year to you too!!!