Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas The Night Before Christmas...

As a child, my family tradition was to go and look at lights around the city. My granddaddy would get all of his grand kids, load us up and go view the most popular houses around the city. As an adult my family here in Va. have a few traditions of our own. Instead of celebrating on Christmas (Christmas is a designated pajama day) we celebrate on Christmas Eve. Since we usually have a rather large Thanksgiving (food wise) we only have appetizers, followed by drunken Taboo for Christmas. This year was a bit different since a few dynamics have changed, but nonetheless it was fun. How about I even made two new dishes (buffalo chicken dip and snicker doodle cheesecake).

                                               Sweater: Marshalls// Button Down: Thrifted// Pants: Target// Boots: Nordstrom Rack// Necklace and Earrings: F21

I made sure that I wore festive attire to work for Christmas Eve. I love the sequin and black sequin sweater combo. What am I going to do when the holidays are over; how can I say goodbye to plaid and sequins, lol? Good thing I got this combination in a few weeks earlier.

Hope you all are having a sparkling Christmas Eve!!!

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Carla said...

I NEED that sweater and that watch!

My family and I used to do the same thing along with many other traditions. Now that I have my own little family, we're making our own as well!