Monday, October 14, 2013

A Case Of The Blues...

The weather last week and over the weekend has been horrible, rain, rain, and more rain. All of the rain made it super difficult for me to have my personal edition of 'House Hunters' and search for a new place. And aside from the dreariness Aunt Flo decided to come visit *side eye*.

I guess the rain did bring a bit of sunshine in the form of of a kool plus one RSVP from my manager. Since she loves Sephora, she was invited to their VIB Rouge. The Rouges (initial invites) were also treated to super cute bracelets from Bauble Bar. However, we all were able to take advantage of the menu which included exclusive services from Stila, Fresh, Benefit, and several other companies. We were also gifted with a $10 off Sephora purchase and a $15 off gift card to Bauble Bar. You know it had to be totally worth it for me to attend a beauty event early on a Sunday morning. I totally took advantage of the Stila makeover and gave the artist free reign to do whatever. His look was perfect for a night out, but who says you can't be glam'd at breakfast lol!!! I should have taken note of the exact red lippie he used because it lasted forever!!! I also got the Formula X 5 minute manicure, well I cheated a bit and used Marc Jacobs new nail lacquer (but I used Formula X base and top coat). The first thing that attracted me was the packaging followed by the  color. I chose Blue Velvet which was a iridescent deep ocean blue. It looked amazing at first but the next day there were chips, and it got worse. As much as I want to love this lacquer, I wish it would have looked just as good on, as it does in the packaging. Totally not worth the $18 price tag. Initially I wanted a YSL lippie but there were sooo many options and I couldn't choose, so I used my Sephora gift and purchased Dior's lip glow. 

Take a look at my morning smokie eye and bold red lip as well as all of the fun I had being a plus one!!!

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Fay said...

That nail varnish is gorgeous and the lipstick has a good pigmentation - looking good :D