Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thrifting With Nic

Yesterday I had an opportunity to attend Nic's meetup at The Goodwill. I was super excited when Nic actually posted the event because I knew it'd be my first chance to thrift with her.

The morning started off with a light breakfast and although I'm 'trying' to eat a bit healthy, I couldn't resist the pink and green doughnut.

There were several ladies attending which included some of my fav blogging buddies, Vivi and Waverly. Nic began her presentation by passing around items of hers and asked which ones we thought were thrifted. Two of the three items were different but all were in great shape. She did the exercise to let everyone know that you never know what kind of gem you can find at the thrift store. 

Nic's Tips to successfully thrift were:

-Make a List
-Have a Budget
-Make Time
-Pack Light/Dress Comfortably
-Bring a Friend
-Throw it in the Bag
-Be Patient
-Have Fun 

After she shared a few of her tips, it was time for us to put them in use and shop. I personally try to cross reference with a few of my fav style magazines to see what I need to look out for on the low. One current trend that I've been in to this season is the structured bag. I luckily found one in a bright statement color. The bag was the perfect size for a cute spring cross body. Unfortunately, there was a stain near the top of the bag that couldn't be covered or able to be removed; so it didn't come home with me. However, it did make my thrifting outfit pop for this pic!!!

Kristin's Tip- Inspect All Items Carefully
This makes sure that you aren't wasting fund$ on an item that can't be restored or saved. 

For the longest I was in the market for a cute dressor and this could have been the perfect solution if IKEA hadn't won. This beauty was actually on sale for $25. With a simple coat of paint and fixture change you'd be able to customize this anyway you'd like. 

Kristin's Tip- When purchasing furniture or designer items, go on the stores actual customer appreciation day. That way you'll score an even deeper discount.

Waverly was able to channel her inner Pharrell with this hat. I won't lie we all were 'happy' with the items we found.

Kristin's Tip- Let the accessory counter be the first area you check. Often times you're able to find one-of-a-kind unique pieces.

Nic's husband was super excited to find a grey suit less than $20 that was on his list. Can you say score?

Kristin's Tip- Don't forget to check out other departments in the thrift store. You never know when someone hides or misplaces a gem of an item.

Look at Vivi's thrifted blazers she wore, cute and floral never goes out of style.

I had such an awesome time thrifting with Nic and the other ladies that attended. If you are in the DMV area and would like to check out this particular Goodwill, they are located at 7931 Colombia Pike Annandale, Va. If you're looking for a deeper discount, be sure to visit then on Tuesday's and receive an additional 25% off. 

How did I forget my purchases!!! I only decided on 3 things since I put back my picnic basket (I'm obsessed with them) and gave Waverly the Dooney. My total came to an astounding $14.27, definitely beating out the $25 budget I'd set in my mind earlier. 

The picture doesn't do this skirt any justice, with it's silk like material and radiant orchid color. I will be wearing this on a sunny springy day next week.

This Nine West dress is sooo pretty. Can you say Easter dress, I kid, I kid!!! I was a bit disappointed with the price though 8.98. I feel like I could have purchased something brand new from Ross for that amount... I digress.

I absolutely LOVE this sweater with the polka dot detail. I can already imagine sooo many looks in my head. 

I had been in a thrift funk for a while now, but this visit actually put me in the mood to go out and experience a few new thrift stores. I may just stop by the coveted 2nd Ave Thrift Store in Colombia that everyone has been raving about on Sunday.

Until next time, thrift and you shall find...


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Vivi N. said...

Your recap of this event is SO on point. You broke it down. Loved the items that you thrifted esp., the white/black cardigan. Definitely a winner in my book.

So great to see you after such a long time. Let's meet up again soon!