Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Fun-Day!!!

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to attend Yelp’s 10th Year Anniversary Bash. Let me just tell you that this one probably one of Yelp’s BEST event to date (in the DC area that is). I’ve mentioned Yelp on my blog several times but if you are unfamiliar with the site/app; let me fill you in. Yelp is a multinational corporation that operates an ‘online urban guide’ and business review site. In lay man’s term it’s a community of people that provide honest opinions on restaurants, venues, and services all over. I’ve been a ‘Yelper’ ever since I had a horrible experience when I was in need of a root canal. Sometime afterwards I just got wrapped up in everything that is Yelp. I began checking in at venues/restaurants, writing awesome reviews, and engaging in daily chat on Yelp’s ‘talk’ section.  Finally I set a goal to obtain Elite status to be invited to all the exclusive events/Elite preview hours (check). Currently my Yelp goal is to regain my Elite status (I fell off during the time I was laid off) and apply and obtain a position at Yelp (just wait this will be checked off in the future). Honestly, Yelp is the one app that I can’t imagine being without on my iPhone and a company that I’ve always imagined working for.  Nonetheless now that you have a little background history on the company and my personal testament to who Yelp is and what Yelp does, I encourage you to check them out for yourself. Feel free to add me as a friend and check out my reviews here.
Yelp’s 10th Year Anniversary Bash was held at the Anacostia Arts Center in Southeast DC. Shout out to the Anacostia Arts Center for being a wonderful host. They were able to house several Yelpers and vendors as well as showcase artist that are located in their center. If you’re in the DC area be sure to check out the Anacostia Arts Center, it’s such a beautiful thing to watch people in the community perform the art that they love and give back to help out other artist. 

Since this was a milestone anniversary bash I expected the line to be around the block, luckily it wasn’t. In the interim of the 5 minute wait, there was a Cake Love representative handing out samples of cake in a jar. I just sooo happened to get one of my favorite flavors, salted caramel. I ended up throwing it in my bag and taking it to lunch the next day at work. I literally had to stop myself from licking the container, it was THAT good!!!

As soon as I entered the arts center I was greeted by Yelp staffers, I made a donation and was handed my Yelp flask that I’m sure will come in handy sometime soon. The music was bumping and excitement filled the venue. I located the first vendor and got in line for tasty s’mores and seafood sausage, this was my favorite treat of the night.  Right beside that was @SnapFiesta that took wonderful pictures to commemorate the Anniversary. As a blogger you know I never pass up an opportunity for a photo op!!! After running into other blogger buddies @heartprintstyle and @mischi I did it all again with them. You can never have too many pictures, right?

The absolute highlight of my night had to be the paint station as well as the flower bar. Although they were set up in a teeny tiny room, we were able to produce the most beautiful arrangements. Honestly my flowers still look good and they are over a week old. Check out the event below.

These came home with me!!!


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