Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! How excited and thankful I am to be able to see another year. I look forward to everything that God has in store for me in 2015. In regard to any resolutions, I'm thinking about my goals now and writing those down so that I can create some sort of action plan to achieve them. However, the picture above does provide a good description of a few things that I'd like to work on. What are you resolving to do in the new year?

In case you're not following me on Instagram (which you should) here are a few pics of my friends and I celebrating the New Year.

My selfie stick was the highlight of the night.

Serving a lil face!!!

Gotta have some money in your hand when the New Year comes in #Superstitious

One of my Besties that actually threw the party.

I was super excited that this entire outfit came out of my closet and I didn't spend any money on a new fit. Check out the deets:
*Sequin Shirt-thrifted
*Faux Leather Bomber-old but purchased from Target
*Cut out Knee Jeans-H&M
*Clutch-The Limited
*Pointy Gold Stilettos-very old from college (do the math, lol)

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