Sunday, February 24, 2008


So its the weekend and I am soooo HAPPY!!! Its the only time where I can just sleep and really chill out with no worries. My weekend got a jump start Friday morning because I called out and was on cloud nine. With all the extra time, I even cooked up a veggie meal, I made sloppie joe, believe it or not it was great. This whole vegetarian quest is really teaching me discipline although the media hypness of the beef industry makes it easier. While eating out proves to be a difficult mission. The family and I went to Friday's and I longed for Katie the cow drizzled in Jack Daniels sauce!!! With discipline I chose a portabella mushroom sandwich, next time I'll be sure to add the Jack sauce.

I was able to catch up on my favorite project family today...The Evans Family. TV One ran a marathon all day featuring Michael Evans, Esquire. This is my all time favorite throwback show!!! Those of you that know me, know if I could go back in time, the 70s would be my era. I could see myself being a part of the black movement and shooting the breeze with a couple of jive turkeys. Good Times was one of the first TV shows which displayed the black family in a positive limelight, and covered a range black issues which led the way for The Cosby show, Family Matters, and House of Payne. Ester Rolle even fought with the network to have a father in the home, we have definitely come a long way.

F.Y.I two of my favorite stores are having sale/clearances. Payless are having BOGO and they have some very cute selections (I'll write a post on it later when I figure out how to post multiple pictures). Also Hot Topics had major items on clearance today, check it out!!!

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You are special. Stay out of the stores.