Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To Veg or not to Veg...that is the sermon

So I'm finding out my vegetarian experience is becoming easier the more I learn. Lately, I've been stepping up my cooking game. I find it easier to plan my meals ahead, that way I'll be less likely to eat out. It also helps me narrow down a grocery list and stick to it. So you may ask...where did all of this veggie talk come from? Well becoming a vegetarian is something I decided to do last year, as a resolution for the new year. No I'm not a member of PETA, or think that Katie the cow is part of the family, I'm wasn't thinking of eating right either. For me, its more of a mind over matter type of thing. So I started a 12 step program with each month moving me a step closer to being a full grown VEGETARIAN. This month (Feb.) is step two, since this is the beginning I'm leaving room just in case of any setbacks. So right now I'm considered a Pesca-vegetarian, meaning I eat plant foods plus eggs, dairy products, fish and shellfish. When I tell people I'm on my vegetarian quest, they ask if I'm vegan as well. I never gave the idea of being vegan a second thought, now I tell a totally different story. I can see how cutting out dairy products would be easy, most of the meat substitutes taste terrible with cheese. Maybe this is all in my mind but I rarely use cheese or eggs, now milk...that's a different subject. I need my milk for my Saturday cereal, and not just morning. On this quest I plan to try all different types of vegetarian meals, without nuts of course (that's another story). I plan on becoming 100% vegetarian by step twelve (Dec.). I even found a Soul Food Vegan restaurant (in D.C) that I will be visiting this Saturday. So I extend the invitation to you, as I did my family members...won't you give me your hand and God your heart, and let's start this vegetarian walk...together.

*Public Service Announcement*

I appreciate any vegetarian brands of food, recipes, and restaurants you have to offer!!!


Anonymous said...

"Yuz a damn lie!" You are really on your way huh? I always thought you were special (in great ways) and you are finally proving me to be right. I forgot to tell you that KK tried me the other day when she asked what I cooked, I told her and her response was "now Arica you know I don't eat chicken on a bone." I immediately thought about you and shook my head. I can not say that I am thinking of joining this quest with you but I will ask around and get you some ideas and foods to try. Post a list of what you do and don't eat because I have not done my homework on to be or not to be Veg so I'm slightly confused. You know who I am too, Kisses!!

BK said...

good luck on your journey.. it's not easy.. check out www.everlastinglife.net Dr. Baruch offers great info as well as they have great cooking classes. I'm not a vegetarian BUT some of my meals mimick them because it is healthier for you.. what's the name of the restaurant?

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Hey,please let me know about the veg. meals/recipes if you get any. I love that kinda stuff. Who knows-maybe I'll join you on the 12 step (well, I'm already behind) program. I've been eating only chicken, fish and turkey for about twelve years now-but I'm not sure if I can give up the turkey and chicken. LOL
Oh and I FINALLY got a chance to add you to the blogroll....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are experiencing new things not only with the Vegetarian diet but also intellectually. I am proud of this new transition. I know that my friend is really going place." Love ya Friend!!! :o)

*B* Fab said...

ok, PLEASE tell me of this Vegan Soul Food place in DC!! I will have to go stat! I started my vegetarianism last year I think around May or June. I absolutely love it!

I never really ate meat anyways so it wasn't too difficult excpet summer bbq's b/c i would occasionally have a burger hear and there, but luckily all the bq's i frequented had fish so I was good.

I love the Food Network for their recipes, check them out too!