Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Family Affair

As I was heading to the mall I saw Keyshia Cole's Family Affair coming on, so you know I had to drop my plans and make it do what it do. I was soooo hooked to this show last season and very excited to get another view!!! Although I'm a reality show addict, I appreciate the shows' good quality drama, always touched on topic you could relate to

*Crack-head family member
*Marriage Drama
*New found success
*Unplanned Pregnancy
*Need for Counseling

The list goes on and on, way too many issues to name that we all face. This show is a great example that stars are just like us and is very relate-able. Keyshia gave some much needed advice to all that watched...LET IT GO, this is like my new mantra (before she said it, the preacher preached on it). I am sooo happy for the growth and maturity in Keyshia Cole, we all know she was once a HOT MESS, people can and do change for the best!!! I wish her much success and if you don't have her new album you gotta get it. In the voice of Frankie...HOLLA

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Pajnstl said...

I watched it tonite as well. I love that they are open with their family business. You know that are touching SOOO many lives. And Frankie is something else! lol