Friday, March 21, 2008

Randomly Me

So I'm back once again after vacationing in beautiful Pensacola Beach, Fl. Let me just say I was definitely in my element...nice hotel (with a beach front view)...check, great food...check, ghetto clubs...check!!! I know you noticed I didn't mention the mall...well you can't have everything you want. Back to the you know, no one parties like Fl., they have their own type of swag, like a little hood to the max mixed with a bit of countriness. I enjoyed the hood music the most which reminded me of Smallbany (local artist performing in the middle of the club)!!! Some local female artists remixed Hood Ni**a and the club was on a whole notha level!!! It seemed like all the Fl. guys are dreaded, but its all good. I'm sure you're wondering how am I vacationing with no job...answer...Everyday I'm Hustlin, Hustlin (inside joke). Which takes me to my next point...

I have a job (insert excitement...really not really). Why is this job starting at 7:30, at least its close to the house!!! I am trying to move forward with a positive attitude towards work in general. I am still certain I will have my dream job soon!!!

On another note I finally got everything straight to complete my graduate degree. I will be taking courses on line which is totally new for me. I'm trying to move from the area of procrastination to the area of prioritizing. I'm actually a list person, when I write out a list I tend to get everything done but without it, I'm lost!!! Hopefully I'll stick to my guns and try to complete my work on Sundays and have the rest of the week less stressful.

I got GREAT news today, Erykah Badu will be performing in the DMV area. You know I can not contain my happiness!!! Not sure if I want to go to the inside concert or the outside. I will be posting very soon my review of her new album (planned to do so but that damn procrastination) I can not believe so many people have been sleeping on this. WAKE UP (from Spike Lee's movie)!!!

So my computers still acting up, so I took it to Best Buy today. The guy gave me a new cord (Lyric chewed the last and wires were exposed), he also tried to sell me more ram at $149.99 with installation of $35.00, and $29.99 to compress files. I said I would come the next day for the $29.99 service since it seemed to be ok. Lo and behold my computer was fixed (so I thought), only to get back home and brake again...ain't that a ...!!! So please keep my computer and efforts to get a new one, in your prayers...It is officially on the sick and shut in list!!!


Miss B said...

Hey Soror!!! Thanks for stopping by my spot!! I will definitely add you to my blogroll!!

I'm supposed to be going to Florida this summer...Miami to be exact, I'm uber excited! I'm gonna have to check out at least ONE ghetto club, lol.

Congrats on the job and good luck on finding your dream job!!

I'm considering taking online classes for my masters too, but my ADD is too bad for that...I think I need the classroom,LOL.

I'm trying to go to see Erykah Badu too!! I'm thinking of surprising my guy friend and getting some tix since he LOVES Ms. Badu. Will she be performing at the Nissan Pavillion??

BK said...

I'm going to miss Ms. Badu & The Roots.. when they are here on May 14th I'll be in Dallas for work.. its all good though I'm sure I'll catch her somewhere else..

Online classes aren't so bad.. I usually do my work on Sunday, check in on Tues or Wed and respond to my classmates and then maybe 1 more time before the conference closes.

Catch up with ya soon!

1980 said...

YES! I will definitely be in the building for Erykah and The Roots!! Can't wait!

Montreal Thomas said...

DANG MAAAAAN...I wish I was in the place to be to watch Badu rock the show...i'm a bit on the jealous side. You know i'll drop anything to see her and Corinne Bailey Rae in concert. I gotta come and visit.