Monday, March 31, 2008

My somewhat eventful weekend!!!

I had a very eventful weekend, not in the sense of clubbing or getting my chill on, in the sense of getting out and about. First of all I found a natural hair salon in Baltimore and really loved the ambiance of it all. The name is Na'Klectic and their site is My stylist was very educated on natural hair maintenance and styling techniques. Yes,  I'm a NAPPY (can't tell in the pic though), 2 years in the making... and loving it!!! I guess I'll do a future post with pics of me about hair, products, and the sites I love.

Getting my Rachel Ray $40 a Day On
I've had some of the best veggie food over the weekend. For starters, I ate at a Jamaican restaurant, and for the first time, I had the jerk portabella mushroom platter, equipped with, peas & rice, plaintains, and coco bread. For those of you that have to have your meat, portabella mushrooms have a meaty consistency (so you really can veg). This restaurant took me back to Silver Sands, Jamaica...ummm... memories!!! If you're ever in Lanham, Md. give them a visit, you can also check them out at Secondly, I ate at a vegan restaurant named The Yabba Pot in Baltimore. Let me just say... this place was the truth!!! I had brown rice, greens, tofu bar-b-q, and curry potatoes. Give them a visit or check them out at So much food so little time!

This weekend I also had the opportunity to play game show host at my cousins-friend-daughter's birthday party. I had sooo much fun with them, ohhh to be thirteen again, let me just say NO BILLS!!! They were the typical newly teenagers, but not too grown, just really into music.

I also got a small piece of shopping done today (Sunday) with my $20 off coupon at Loeman's. I sooo love to get a great deal!!! Once again, I stepped my cooking game up...I made fried eggplant and corn. I really did my thing... eggplant is another vegetable with a meat consistency. Enough about me and my weekend, gotta get to bed! Ciao  


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Loemans and stien mart is my momand grandmoms store - lo, and 40$ a day. well ib cook every day, i would go broke

1980 said...

There is a small veggie spot in DC called Vegetate thats pretty good.

Miss B said...

So I take it you're vegan?? lol

I don't know I'm not a big fan of veggies...but I like to try different stuff sometimes. But me LUBS my

Cool weekend...I haven't been to Loehmans in YEARS...I need to go its one up the street from my

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Hey I'm loving the new natural hair pic! Very pretty! I tried to let my relaxer grow out for 6 months-and I wasn't successful-the humidity in Memphis was NOT my friend. I've been thinking about it again... Memphiz did an excellent natural hair post! I will be checking yours out whenever you do one. Take care and hope the job is going well!

Cat said...

Thanks for posting about the hair spot. I wear my hair natural as well and have to check it out! I pass Yabba all the time, not a vegetarian but always wanted to check it out...