Sunday, March 30, 2008

School Days

I really wanted to blog, trust me, but with school whupping my a*s and a new job that starts waaay too early in the morning, I had no idea where to begin!!! Let's just say that I can no longer pretend to be a clueless, carefree, wanna be undergrad student, I must accept my fate and know that I am now... a NON-TRADITIONAL student. I may have a undergraduate degree and a year of graduate classes in my respective area, yet I have never been employed full time (7:30-6:00) with a real job while doing so. So, in that aspect, I'm a NON-TRADITIONAL student. What I've learned in the past two weeks about online courses:

*Check your Academic blackboard daily, instead of your blogger dashboard 
*Find alternative sites to rent books, instead of buying ex.
*Take a day to read and outline course work a week prior to due date
*Things are subject to change

Last weeks' rush to complete my assignments have definitely taught me to stay on top of my school game. I'm actually taking time to read and outline my books to create some type of habit to aid in my studying. I'm actually learning things I can apply to the workforce that will be to my advantage. If there are any other bloggers seeking an HR graduate degree, holla at me, maybe we can exchange books or thoughts on course assignment. Wish me luck!!!

P.S- Haven't figured out the MAC, so I don't know how to add a pic.  

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BK said...

let me know if you need help organizing for your class.. I have taken several online courses and I'm taking 2 now. It's not as hard as you think!