Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Black in America


Today was the first segment of Black in America, and if you missed it, please stay tuned tomorrow. Today focused on the Black Woman in every aspect. This documentary really made you think as a black person, so I really wonder what was the opinion of other races. There are so many elements that we as black women deal with on a daily basis and to break it down, it really shows our strength and tenacity. 

Another particular feature that stood out to me was the tracing of our roots. So many of us are off springs of slave masters and we don't even know it. It stood out to me because as a middle school student one of my assignments was to trace back my roots. The furthest I got was my Great-Grandfathers father was a white man and his mother was a black woman. In the area where I grew up there are caucasian people that share the same last name as I, and I'm sure there is a connection somewhere along the line. Tracing and knowing my roots is something that I find very interesting and may dig a little deeper because it opens up so many doors in the future just by knowing. You really wouldn't want to marry your cousin, would you LOL!!! As a black person I am sometime in awe of other races who have so much knowledge on their family history as well as culture. I think this is one area where the black community is lacking because of the "unspoken or unknown" tales of our families past as well as heritage. Our ancestors were taken from an area that was deeply rooted in heritage, and because of that I believe there is some sort of disconnect  with us blacks that were born here in America. We classify ourselves as blacks and sometimes African Americans but not really taking the "african" piece into consideration, hence, disconnect from our heritage and true blood line.

I think that this documentary serves as a milestone in a pivotal time in black america. I hope that tomorrow is just as informative and interesting as today. 

What are your opinions of the show if you watched it? What stood out the most? Can you relate to the areas that the documentary focused on?


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B said...

I haven't looked at it yet. I recorded it though. I will certainly be viewing tonight though!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i cant listen to talking heads
i say work hard and dont complain