Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Love Reality T.V

This must be the season for me and my reality t.v shows. So many shows are coming on that I'm in love with and have to rearrange my schedule for. I almost feel like I have something to watch everyday of the week or at least every other day. Here's my weekly line up ( I'm sure I'll forget something):

Army Wives (I know not reality, but this show is great)

I want to work for Diddy
The Hills
Sweet Sixteen Exile
Luke's Parental Advisory

Baldwin Hills (Off now)
From G's to Gents
Making The Band
Real Housewives of Atlanta

Can't Remember
Run's House

Glam God

Baisden After Dark

Instant Beauty Pageant

So far my t.v schedule is keeping me from catching up with my friends and family. But I do love the drama filled shows. I'm sure I'm missing something but I'll think of it soon.

Real post to follow ;-)


Eb the Celeb said...

You consider Baisden after dark reality?

Well if so then I would have to add black men revealed to sundays... even though I know now that football is starting that I am going to miss it most sundays...

I love run's house... and I love baldwin hills too but dont tell anybody...lol

laughing808 said...

You don't watch Project Runway?

This fall will have me scrambling to re-arrange my happenings around my tv schedule as well.

I'll have to post a similar schedule myself.

Ruthibelle said...

Funny. I hate reality tv... and there's not much on tv I'd shift my whole day's schedule for...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

is it real is all i ask