Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still Here

Hello to all in the blogosphere, I have definitely been missing in action and wanting to blog soooo bad but.... I"M A PROCRASTINATOR :-(    I've actually written up soooo many blogs (which I still plan on posting) but laziness or whatever you call it have gotten the best of me. I know what's been going on with you (yep, I've been stalking), so here's what's up with me:

1. I'm officially obsessed with President-elect Barack Obama, not just the political side but his personal life, etc. dates with wife, children, mother-in-law... its pretty serious!!! Each day I realize "My President is black" it makes me more and more happy!!!

2. Wanted to give the hair a break, so I got braids (individuals which stop right before my butt), let me just say these are not micros and this crap is HEAVY. But, I promised (insert side-eye) my beautician I would keep them for a month at least.   *NOTE TO SELF* NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER  get extensions this long, it is soooo not me, way to much work!!!

3. I'm officially obsessed with You Tubers who do makeup tutorials, each and everyday I'm rushing home to see who's uploaded something new. Now I want to and will create some of their looks... however, makeup is soooo freaking expensive, even some of the drugstore makeup. I really don't know how they do it, but I guess you have to start your collection somewhere. Who knows, maybe I'll appear on the tube someday!!!

4. I've found two new favorite shows to replace Army Wives and Atlanta Housewives. Drumroll please... one is Dexter on showtime, it is soooo suspensful. My co-workers actually put me on this and over the weekend I watched about 3 episodes back to back, and loving it!!! The second is a reality show (just can't get enough) Ruby on Style network, its about this obese woman who's desperately trying to loose weight, a matter of life and death. If you get a chance, check them both out. Now you all know I'm a fan of Keyshia Cole's reality show, but seriously, I think this should be the last season, there's only soooo much drama until you're like enough fuckery already.

5. Saved the best for last!!! I'm seriously contemplating moving back to Ga. and soon. I moved to Va. for a change, and after being here for a year I've experienced it. I actually spend a lot of my time and money on trips to Ga. because that's where all of my family and friends are. I feel like I don't have a career established here and I really miss living on my own. If I had a better position (more money and something I like), I would stay. The only thing I would would really, really miss are the malls. I like metro D.C, but I'm a southern girl at heart and there's nothing like the A (Atlanta).

I really plan on blogging on a regular, this is definitely an outlet for me and I truly miss it, I just have to work on my awful habit... PROCRASTINATION!!!

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