Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and putting down my 25 most randon things, so here goes:

1. I hate when I go to the restroom in public places(primarily work) and there are empty stalls but people decide to choose a stall directly beside me, I'm like WTF, all of those empty stalls, and your first thought is to be next to me while you piss!!! That totally aggravates me!!!

2. I hate BITCHASSNESS!!! As soon as I get an inkling of this from a guy its over!!!

3. When I'm out and someone coughs but doesn't cover their mouth, I immediately say uuughh (loud, but not ghetto), and I turn and walk the other way.

4. I always wished I was a 'daddy's girl'. I grew up with my grandparents and my grandaddy did a wonderful job of taking care/spoilng me; I just wish I could have shared that same experience with my biological father.

5. I get turned on when guys (that I like, of course) wear cologne that smells good!!!

6. I like to approach guys, or flirt with them just enough for them to ask me out. You can kind of say I'm the aggressor.

7. I have a fear of being abducted. I always try to let someone know my whereabouts, even though I don't want anyone in my business (lol).

8. It takes a long time for me to truly like someone and even longer to get over someone.

9. My first impression to others, come off as 'stuck-up'. I believe its because in the beginning I'm quiet (peeping out the sceen), but as soon as I open my mouth I hear... "You're cool, I never thought you would act this way".

10. I like using my punctuation in 3's.

11. I hate polish on my nails, its just uuugh cause my real nails are so long.

12. I love the smell of new things, especially leather and plastic. I love going into Payless just to smell the shoes.

13. I wish I was a personal shopper (like my full time job). I can shop for anyone just let me know your style and its on!!!

14. I'm very selfish with my time... I don't really like going out anywhere on Friday's that's my night to stalk you-tubers, what can I say, I like me.

15. I hate domestic activities

16. I sleep with a lot of things on my bed,  magazines, make-up, hangers, etc. (can you tell I don't have a man).

17. I think I can get whatever I want, maybe not when I want it, but trust, I'll have it!!! God say's ask and you'll receive!!!

18. I have a lot of talents (very creative), but I rarely use them.

19. I have expensive taste, however my pockets haven't gotten the memo.

20. I am the oldest out of my siblings, most people think I'm an only child, not sure why.

21. Out of my friends I'm the meanest. I ain't a killa but don't push me.

22. I love love love old people.

23. I wish I could go back in time so that I could be with all of my family members again.

24. I live a lot in my mind, I think and re-think things a lot.

25. I have code language with my friends. EXAMPLE:  'Evil twin' is someone that looks like a person, but the ugly version.


LadyWritesTheBlues said...

lmao-you are crazy! Seriously. :)

Special K said...

Hey chick!!! Good to hear from ya again, you know I'm a serial PROCRASTINATOR that's why I haven't responded. How are you?

Diva Style said...

Hey Special K! Welcome to the area!

LipstickOne said...

hahaha, i love it! i want to follow you!

Tamstyles said...

Where have you been girl!

Victoria said...

I would have loved to follow your's cute and funny. I really enjoyed it.

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

hey i read your profile and it seems you also love fashion! if you get a chance check out my blog

proudnapps said...

You and I are just alike! LoL I'm a gemini too!! LoL

Miss Ken said...

Please tell me you are a Gemini!!! That sound like me all day!!!! Great post