Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Miss You

It seems like forever since I've written a post. Trust me, posting has been on my mind but so have sooo many other things. Writing has always been an outlet for me I've always kept a journal, or keep an active notebook with/around me. Sooo what exactly have I been up to you ask...

*You Tube- I love, love, love youtube. For sooo long I was the person staying away from the tube, but as soon as I needed help with my natural mane, in order to stay chic, that was the first place I went. I have a couple of videos posted sooo be sure to check out the video bar to the left.

*Apartment Hunting- Definitely ready to move so I've been going here and there looking for apartments so I can have my own place, can someone say entertain?

*Trying to reach some of my New Year goals
*Working in a different department
And a lot more that I can't think of but I will definitely post more frequently because I have a lot on my mind!!!

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Anonymous said...

We missed you, but we understand. You have to do your thing!