Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Hello Kitty!!!

Who knows why I never entered  a contest but here goes. I actually found this by way of another blog. Simply Nee has a Hello Kitty Giveaway!!! She's giving away not one prize but THREE fun filled prize packs! Check her blog and Enter the contest, do not miss out!!!

The rules are -
*You must answer her question on her post
*You must be a follower
*You must blog about the giveaway and link back to her
*Contest closes June 5th at midnight- so enter now!

The Question is- What is your favorite Hello Kitty item that you own?

My love for Hello Kitty started years ago. I wasn't the little girl that learned about HK from my parents, I actually saw my middle school friends each choose a character and I just knew... it was right!!! Whenever there's a Sanrio store around I get sooo excited and have to buy at least one thing. I was sooo sad when I found out the Sanrio store in my hometown went out of business, I had racked up sooo many frequent buyer stamps and they just went to waste :-( 

I got this Hello Kitty watch about 4 years ago from Claires Boutique and I absolutely cherish it. I always try to make sure that my HK collection is not too kiddie!!! I like to throw this on with a relatively plain outfit for a semi- WOW effect!!! Of course this was purchased purely for The Brand because I definitely can't tell time on here. But I sooo love it and try not to wear it too often because I have a fear of losing it.


Diva Style said...

Welcome to the DMV!!

Nataliexxx said...

I have a soft spot for Hello Kitty also <3

Lotte said...

That is such a cute watch.

yankeenaijababe said...

Are you staying in VA? Fairfax

yankeenaijababe said...

l love your blog. Welcome