Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pandora Gets Me Right!!!

So I'm spending this Saturday night chilling, supposedly cleaning up (you know how that goes). I decide to turn on some tunes to set the mood. I turn to my favorite artist channel... Erykah Badu!!! Some of my favorite songs come on and then a few others that are in the same genre. Then I here Zion from Lauryn Hill and think to myself.... what if this was the year of the 'comeback'. Where major soul/neo-soul artist hit the scene again to revive our ear buds. Just listening as I type neo-soul beats are awesome its a shame that nearly none of whats on their Cd's are heard by everyday average 'radio Joe's'!!!

But back to this Pandora ish. I think our channels on our Ipods/computers are a reflection of the many moods that we're in. My channels are so unrelated!!! Funny thing is, with the exception of my Gospel channels I think Rock With You by MJ comes on all of them. That song ALWAYS puts me in a fresh-anything is possible mood.

Now that I'm sitting here typing and thinking I just realized I don't have any channels with female rappers. Hmmmnn, I'm thinking about putting Lil Kim on and seeing what results I'll get.

Well back to Pandora taking me from mood to mood!!! BTW what are your favorite channels??


Anonymous said...

My fav channels are Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Jadakiss, and Aretha Franklin.



I shall check out Pandora.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

lol, I have a Badu channel too-glad to know you're well! :) Umm the lil kim thing may be interesting lol!

Kennedi said...

Me too!!! Fav channels are Ne-Yo, Maxwell, India Arie, Erykah Badu, and Usher.