Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beware of the Deadly Cocktail

It’s rare that I talk about hair on this blog. However I chose the name to embody important characteristics of me. So on Handbags, Hair, and Heels this will be my first time writing about hair per se.

I was totally thinking about going to get my hair straightened last weekend (for my birthday). However, after coming across this article I had to rethink that thought. Because I am a reviewer by nature I went on to read ALL of the comments on the article.

Let’s just be clear, I would be totally livid if this were to happen to me. The article had me replaying my visits at the Dominican Salon (DS) over and over in my mind. I know in ATL I opt for leave in conditioner, it’s usually in the glass bottle and they have to break it. I know I recently stopped getting deep conditioners at the DS because:
*I Condition my own hair well
*I can’t justify paying an extra $5 for the service
*I’m very impatient and don’t want to add time to my service

After analyzing this topic I wondered if any of the women actually smelled the chemicals. I know for those of us hat have had perms you can recognize that smell a mile away. I wonder if the women were sooo much in shock that they just paid and left or did they GTFO. I can only imagine what my original response would have been but I can’t say so for certain because of all of the initial emotions.

I have stated to others that whenever I get the inclination that a hair stylist doesn’t want to do my hair (refer to my hair as too ‘thick’ or suggest that I get a texturizer of some sort) that is the last time that I’m in their chair. Reading this article is definitely making me consider taking my own products with me or going in with conditioner in my head.

I think the biggest barrier exist because there is usually a language barrier. I actually took my Kinky Curly with me the last time and the chic washed it out my hair. That was after I continued to say as well as motion that is should be left in.

Honestly, I’ve NEVER had any major issues (despite the fact that I was turned away before). In retrospect, I take everyone’s comments for what it is. There was one thing that bothered me with the comment section of the article. Some of the women were effected as well as affected but I felt like nobody wanted to put the salon on blast. I mean maybe people haven’t read the comments t update or didn’t want to post names out of respect for the Nikki. However, I highly believe in customer service as well as word-of-mouth business. I guess it touched me because a lot of the women stated that the ‘cocktail’ was done at salons across Md. And as you would have it I frequent a shop in Md. Let me just put this out there, if I came across a shop that practiced that fuckery you all would be the first to know.
I'm actually on a live natural hair chat with Essence at the moment and a guy stated something that stuck with me:
HairManKeith: If stylist don't want to deal with natural hair they have to stop lying to their clients in advance.
Enough said... I hope you too will be open and honest about your upcoming visits to DS and feel free to share in the comments.


Fashion Rehab said...

I love your hair :D

M.Shawn said...

Wacky hair! Reminds me of Beyonce's in Austin Power. That was a real laugh! hat was the last time I saw her in a movie. She's great and very natural.

M.Shawn said...
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Special K said...

Thank you guys for the comments. I will definitely be checking you all out!!!

Dee O. said...

Your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! And the color looks so great on you! I wear my hair naturally as well but it is in a protective style right now (braids). Since I'm starting school in a couple days I know I won't be able to give my hair the attention that it needs lol. But I can't wait to see how much it grows in a couple months :)

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Anonymous said...

The hair do in that pic is dope girlfriend!

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

AMEN! They would so be on blast!lol I hope all is well and I LUV ALL THAT NATURAL HAIR IN THE PIC! :-)