Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparent's Day

Well first off Happy Grandparents Day to all of the Grandparents!!! Finally I was able to call my Grandma at 11:15. I never seen someone sooo busy at 71. I mean never at home always at church or someone else's church program. If you've read some of my previous post you know that I was reared by my grandparents. I stayed with my grandparents kindergarten thru 3rd grade and moved back 6th thru college. Long story short I never knew my life was differnt until I got to college and met more people that didn't grow up the way I did. All I know is my grandma was there to take on the motherly role and my grandaddy was there to take on the fatherly role.

I am sooo blessed to have as many experiences with my grandparents AND great-grandparents in life. I have a very soft spot for elderly people because for a while that was all I knew LoL!!! There were four people in my house grandma, grandaddy, great-grandma and me. Sooo many stories and love was shared with me from an early age up until now. My grandfather was a great provider, unselfish, and totally loved his family. Those are qualities that I look for in my future partner. I still remember the lesson he gave me on my ex in high-school, it really made me see who the dummy was LoL!!! My grandmother has an exuberant faith in God that I too hope to acquire one day. I know that she'll have a seat in the Heavenly choir one day LoL!!!

Although my grandfather is no longer here I value the times we shared and hold each and every memory near and dear. I like to think that me and my grandma have a special bond. I'm the first grandchild and I'm actually nick-named after her too. Each morning on my way to work we talk and she fills me in on the latest in C-town or with my family. It's funny how she knows about all the current events in life from sports, rappers, to hairstyles. We had the funniest conversation on quick weaves one day!!!

I hope that everyone who still has a living grandparent has taken the time to say Happy Grandparents Day or at least let them know how much they're appreciated.

In the picture above my cousins and I helped my grandma celebrate her 50th class Reunion


Kennedi said...

Now ain't this cute. I love that lil ole lady too that's my suga!!! Luv this!!!!!!! HAPPY GRANDPARENT'S DAY to all the grandparents

Special K said...

What you're reading my ish!!!!