Friday, December 31, 2010

52 Week Savings Update 2

Ok, I admit I slipped a bit with my savings #dontjudgeme. I had to pay for some Avon which was actually a Christmas gift and my savings was the only cash I had on hand. However, we're on week 8 and we should have a total of $36. I am sooo happy that I have my accountability partner (if you don't have one get one) to ask if I put my money. I suspect that things will get easier for us once we open up the joint bank account. Well at least for me because I won't just have cash laying around that I can get to easily. I'm determined to make it to my 52 weeks with ALL of my cash, momma needs a brand new MAC (desk top please). How have you guys been holding up?

You all should have $98 today


Anonymous said...

I found your blog via your YouTube channel and I am interested in joining the 52 week savings so I will start where you are currently so if you could please just verify how much I should have and what week you will be on for Dec 10th... Thanks sooo much.

Special K said...

Hi sorry I didn't respond earlier. E-mail me and I'll forward you the spreadsheet.