Monday, December 13, 2010

Tis the Season (to let go)

It's very rare that I write about relationships on my blog... if ever. I know I may seem like an open book since I blog and make YouTube videos. In retrospect, if you follow me on twitter then I'm a bit open when it comes to dating and the like.

As of now... I've given up dating *sigh*. Yep, no lie. I'm even considering being celibate for the entire 2011. Let's just say... guys get on my nerves!!! However, that doesn't mean that I'm turning to women LoL!!! Since I've been kinda open on twitter I may as well give a thorough recap of my 2010 dating in regard to dating. Here goes...

*High School Musical*
This dude I actually have much LOVE for and decided to give it another try. However, he's in the music industry and I feel like the him I used to know wasn't anymore. I'm definitely sure he could say the same. This 'situation' helped me to fully understand why I prefer not to date guys with a child/children (I'll go into that another day). DISCLAIMER- God has a sense of humor and I just may end up with someone who has a child/children (side eye). I digressed. Long story short, I think he was/is used to chick's flocking to him cause they think his money is long. For me, there was attraction, but just not all the way nor all the time. At the end he stated that I placed him in 'the friend zone' and that's not where he wanted to be. SN: blog about 'friend zone' will be posted soon. Anyways, since he and I have been connected for over 10 years, I know our cycle (so does he). Basically, we stopped talking, he was angry... I wasn't (remember I'm cognitive of the cycle). We recently met up at an event. Who knows what the future holds but right now ummmnn... I'mma have to pass #DUECES

*Booskie (I HATE that word and can't believe I'm using it)*
Met dude on a review site (if you're reading, hi). It's funny how God places people in your life at exactly the right time. I had recently stopped talking to Mr. Y (you'll learn of him later) and really didn't want to be alone for V-day. Booskie actually asked me out for V-day and we had a good time. He also had a child, but this was new and I knew nothing would come from it sooo it didn't matter. We only went out that one time because he had a terrible case of Bitchassness and a little controlling (he's not American, so I think his culture/upbringing played a part). He and I IM from time to time but... it's nothing and want be anything #DUECES

*Mr. YY*
This dude was my EVERYTHING in college and I thought we'd be together forever, however, life happened and that wasn't the case. On Thanksgiving last year I got a little liquid courage and sent him a message on FB. Ever since we'd broken up I always dreamt about him. I have no clue why because I was in a relationship; but I felt something wasn't right with him. The dreams were random in content yet frequent. We chatted a bit and he told me some things he'd never expressed about me as well as his 'rocky' relationship. However, that 'situation' was over before Christmas. The reason why he's on this list here is because he contacted me this year and we started chatting it up again and chilling on Skype. We planned to meet up but things didn't g as planned. That was actually kool because once again, he wasn't the person that I used to love and I'm sure I wasn't neither. When I see his name and number in my phone I shake my head. I can't lie, it felt real good to know that I had the upper hand in the situation; but it really was a been-there-done-that type of situation. If anything would have popped off, it would have only been about 3 letters and that's it (real talk). Basically... #DUECES

*Caucasian Persuasion*
New dude in town. We met because of business. We went out but I wasn't really attracted... too short. However, he was/is very nice and has awesome goals for his life. He ultimately wanted to be a provider for his family and he worked hard. But he wasn't for me... #DUECES

* Mr. Y*
He's probably the real reason I haven't been in a relationship. I've allowed him to come and go as if I'm running a 24 hour diner with a revolving door. But as the saying goes... when you learn better, you do better. Since I've learned, we'll end the piece on his a** right now. He deserves no words, no emotions, and definitely no shoulda-woulda-coulda... #DUECES

*Smoke One*
First dude I was crushing at the 40. Some kinda way we were at a party and was able to talk and eventually chill. Dude had recently ended a long-term relationship. Although he engaged in the medicinal, I was FN attracted to his mind. Yes, even my vain a** can recognize real. Conversation was deep on another level. Thinking about his kisses are surreal (TMI). Anyways, he was fresh out of his relationship so I know how that goes... I-hate-you-but-I-love-you.I guess timing is everything. We don't speak or anything in passing (sigh). I'm still VERY attracted to him but oh well... #DUECES

By this point (mid-year), I kinda chilled but really wanted to get back on the dating scene... so I decided to join At first I battled with myself because I didn't want to pay. The ego in me was like 'you ain't hard up for no dude to pay $34 a month' (LoL). I wanted to date and wasn't actually doing so by sitting in the house and not out meeting people, sooo... why not.

This was the first guy I met on match. He has his stuff together and had a good idea on how women should be treated and how respect should be shown in a relationship. He also had a child in another state but definitely didn't have baby moma drama. We went out a lot... to the point where I actually paid once (Mr. Y really had we spoiled in that regard). Unfortunately, I started to see a lil Bitchassness in him too. He turned things into issues and tried to 'play' on my words. He may have also had a complex with a woman having her sh*t together and not having to ask /depend on the dude she's chilling with. All we did was date and I had to hit him with my classic move... stop calling. I will say out of all the guys (besides Smoke One) he had the best outlook on what a real relationship should consist of (just not sure if he'd put into practice all the way).On a vain note, I couldn't get over the fact that he spoke without opening his mouth. It was like his teeth were cemented together. So you know there wasn't a kiss in sight!!! Funny thing is... dude text'd me trying to get back in last week. All I could think was... #DUECES

Dude and I had one thing in common and I really think it was one thing; we are from the South. He made several dumb comments, to even think he had a high ranking position. Dude said he hadn't had a girlfriend in 10 years. Puzzling thing was, we were both 28. Any chick that has a 10% hope of getting married knows that sh*t ain't right. We went out and he obviously lied on his profile. Dude was shorter than me, granted I had on heels, but damn!!! If you know me you'd know I'd LOVE for my guys to have football bodies. Tall & Thick, LoL. Let's just say... he wasn't any of that. He also had the Napoleon complex. He picked me up when he hugged me and I HATE being picked up. I guess he felt he should have done that since I ended our 1st and only date with 'thanks shawty'. That date showed that it was over for me, but he kept and continues to try to go out with me (he text'd last week). I'll be more mature the next time he text's and respond with... #DUECES

*Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Nightmare*
Thought this dude may have been the one I'd get into a relationship with. He was a year older, no kids, govt. job, family oriented, attended church (so I thought). The only dude besides Mr.Y to hit a home run LoL. Let's just say dude was a classic case of 'a moma's boy, woe is me, and I used to'. He didn't have his priorities together at all. There were things that I noticed but overlooked because I really wanted to be over Mr.Y. Plus, my friends thought I was too critical sooo... I gave him a chance or chances LoL. This dude had the worse case of Bitchassness and was basically drunk off breast milk, because little did he know... I was not that chick. He got an attitude with me for the last time and I at that point, I mean instantly, it was o-v-e-r. He tried... wanted to talk, go out to eat, take me to the OMG tour, but sh*t he lost one!!! Shirt and I was out last week and who comes in the restaurant with a chick. No biggie for me cause I was done. Needless to say we just laughed at them. He actually came to the table to explain that she was just a friend. I was like that's kool. He was like 'you just don't care' and actually... I didn't #DUECES

*Concrete Jungle A.K.A My #1 Fan B.K.A Liar Liar*
Many of you guys wanted to know about him because I referred to him plenty of times on my YouTube channel. Out of all of the guys this year I thought I could relate to him the most. Not 100% sure that he should be on the list since we didn't actually date per se... but he's definitely relevant. We actually met 3 years ago, not sure why he remained in the 'friend zone' because we were very compatible. Long story short, he got a FB at the start of the year and I was like FB ruins relationships. I went to his page and continued to see this chick, I didn't question her until much later. When I did, there was no answer; sometimes the silence lets you know. Needless to say he was talking to this chick that lived out my way, even coming to see the chick and not me (yep that's right). We spoke 2 weeks ago and he was straight lying for 3 years over some stupid sh*t. I can't lie... I was, am, and is beyond hurt. I'm at a place of no return. I lost ALL respect as a person for him (really on some friend sh*t). I am sooo happy that what goes around comes around, and I know he'll get his. I can't lie I'm secretly laughing on the inside (insert Austin Powers laugh). Dude actually text'd me today cause he was the one that put me on to Macy's. I replied 'that's nice, lose my number'. If you're reading this... here's a big F U #DUECES

Lessons Learned in A Minor
*After people show you who they are (character wise) 2 and 3 times, then let that sh*t go!!!
*Some people along with their memories, should remain in the past. They're not in your future for a reason!!!
*Dating guys from different countries doesn't work for me #justsayn!!!
*Don't date anyone from the 40... EVER!!!


Mz.KeKe said...

OMD, sounds like we've had similar experiences this past year. I've been officially single but mingling with the "EX" and a few others for almost 2yrs now and I'm TIRED. Frankly speaking this has been the year of BITCHASSNESS for all MEN! They wonder way I bare the tattoo on my left arm "Trust NO Man", cause I learned that lesson early on.

So I'm vowing celibacy and practicing minimalism in 2011.
With prayer, faith, exercise and staying my ass out of ROSS I should be successful.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck in the New Year!

Special K said...

Girl I guess we have but hopefully this year will be different. Maybe we can hold each other accountable LoL!!!