Monday, January 31, 2011

52 Week Savings Update 3

Ok, ok, let me be the first to admit... I am SUCKING at this (please insert sad face and booing noises). I think the main thing is,  I HATE having cash around me. The goal of my co-workers and I were to put the money that we saved by the second week in Jan. in an account <- let's just say that didn't happen.

Funny thing is... I'm some of my co-workers accountability partner in regard to working out however I need you all to hold me accountable in this regard. Starting next Monday I am going to get back on track and have the total amount that I'm suppose to save available. Actually, I don't even have the total amount we should have collected. That last statement was very sad, but please believe that I will get it together because I have faith as well as a goal to get a new Mac after the savings plan. I will definitely be back to tell you the total amount of money we should have. More than likely I'll edit below in a different color. If any of you are interested in the spreadsheet, please leave your e-mail and I'll get that sent to you.  The only way that we're going to do this is together sooo.... HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE. You can reach me here, by e-mail, or via twitter.


DIVA Style Threadz said...

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Special K said...

I will definitely check out your blog and site. Thanks for subbing!!!