Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love Is You

I have a confession. I LOVE, LOVE. Everything about it is amazing. I know in one of my recent post I wrote about taking a sabbatical from dating which is what I did, or so I thought. Anyways to make a long story short a college friend of mine and I began chatting by FB and then by phone. I thought and still think that dude is kool. We have a lot in common and I'm certain that we're compatible. However after a while the Representative goes a way and the true person becomes visible. I'm actually not on here to write about him nor that situation, because I'm a person that has a lot and have loss a lot so that situation doesn't even make it on my top 20 of life issues #realtalk. Anyways one thing that I told myself after I knew it was over for me and Mr. Y, is that I won't make the same mistakes the second time around. I'm a realist and I can definitely acknowledge that I had a part in the demise of our relationship.

What I won't do is feed into anyone's unnecessary drama #atall. I also won't allow anyone to push their negative feelings/energy off on me. If you need a stepping stool you betta go to Target. I'm not gonna feel like you're doing me a favor by being/talking to me. And lastly, I won't go into tit-for-tat-mode.   Cause honestly, I know I go HARD in the mudda *** paint. My mouth is real slick and I think fast so I ALWAYS have a come back!!! *Off my tangent now*

The pic of my tat is a representation of what I'm to be. It says Love Is You. I got it as a reminder that love begins within, there isn't anyway to express it, without first having it.   You ALWAYS have to be that person that exudes love, you never know if you'll meet someone that has never experienced love. Love is the GREATEST commandment that God gave to us, yet we take it for granted and use irresponsibly all too often. Although I'm not in love, I can't wait for that butterflies-in-the-stomach, you-hang-up-no-you-hang-up-on-3-hang-up, what-if-he's-the-one feeling *sigh*!!!

However, even if I NEVER fall in love, I'll continue to let others see the love within me. I'll definitely be that chick that you'll always remember. And if I ever get married, I definitely want l Corinthians 14: 4-7, 13 to be plastered everywhere as a daily affirmation to remind us that love stays strong when the fight gets old.


Sarah Jane said...

I am currently single but I like your opinions on love. I especially love the tat. Keep hope alive and good luck with the dude :)

Sarah Jane R.

Special K said...

Thanks chick, I swear last night I spent hours going through mostly ALL of your blog. Very, very cute styles!!! I think the dude is over when ya know, ya just know :-)

Don't be a stranger and neither will I!!!