Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Time Is It? Game Time

So I'm sure all of Urban America was in place ready for The Game to return back on the air. I know I was. Now I'm not one of those people that jumped on the bandwagon when the reruns started showing, I've been watching since day 1!!!

I had/have sooo many expectations for this show. I've waited, and waited, and waited. I'm a little nervous because in a perfect world (that we don't live in) I'd love to see Melanie and Derwin live happily ever after.  I wonder which direction Tasha Mack's role will spiral into because after while, your age catches up with you and you just-have-to-be-old. I need to see how Malik will handle his new found position as a underdog. Jason, hmmnnn, eh, not so much. I believe that he'll continue to be an a**. Kelly, hmnnnnn, eh, not so much either. OAN- where the heck did they get that daughter

So what are your expectations (if any) for the show? After the 3rd episode I'm just not sure. I'm almost flirting with the idea that we should have left well enough, alone. 


Pam said...

I am not flirting with the idea. I am already there. We should have left well enough alone. The third episode sucked. I too had high hopes but the writing is bad, there is no comedic flair, and the actor's chemistry is a little off. Watching Malik tur into a serious trainwreck is heart wrenching. Jason does remain an A$$, but goodness wouldn't it be nice to see some depth. Can we get some info on Rick Fox and Tasha's relationship? What happened to Stacy Dash's character. Jason did leave court with her and Kelly's hopes were dashed. I need closure on some storylines. I am all about the future and it seems to me The Games might be bleak. I will watch The Good Wife over it any day!

Special K said...

Maybe we can ALL just e-mail BET before they lose their few (and I mean few viewers). Cause you know Let's Stay Together nor the Monique show is pulling in any viewers!!!