Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week of Opportunity

Last week at this time I was having a ball at my company's annual party. Each year they rent out a local bar and have food catered for us as well as karaoke and give aways. This year they rented out a larger bar which included a bull. Long story short your girl got on the karaoke and did the d*mn thing. I song about 3 songs, Emotion (gotta be on them notes), Tyrone (I sing this every year) and Try a Little Tenderness (did this with another chick). I won't lie I was feeling myself, my outfit was super cute, and I had caliente latina cutie by my side (that's another post soon to come). Well as I was leaving the guy that hosted the karaoke came up to me and told me to apply, that I'd be great at it. I was pretty boosted because I'm always down for a 'new' hustle, especially something that I enjoy doing!!! The real Kristin does not want a traditional 9-5 job. I think of myself as a free spirit and think that life would be sooo much better if I could get up and do what trully made me happy each day. Of course this all would be done with a sleeve of some sort (yes, I'm a tattoo chick) and a possible lip ring ( I sooo want one). Anyways, I digress. I don't know what will turn up of it but I'm definitely willing to try if it works with my schedule.

You all already know about Zumba. If you're not following me on twitter (im'ma need you to do that), then you don't know I secured a mentor. I'm really trying to take this Zumba thing one step at a time, so that I can really learn and be successful (since I'm not a natural born dancer). After I asked my old instructor to be my mentor she basically offered me a job to teach when I'm ready. I am Uber excited. I definitely have a plan for this one. Gotta get started!!!

Lastly, a good friend of mine hit me up on FB with an opportunity to style a model for a photo shoot. I can't lie, I was totally nervous and excited about this one. I know that a lot of stylist have networked and have ways of getting merchandise for free or on loan. Basically... I have NO connections, totally SUCKS. I was blown by that mere fact that I put my friend off for a day cause my thoughts were like where am I gonna get the funds to make this work. After speaking to him, it was confirmation, why not use the skills that I have to get what I need. Thrift, enough said. The shoot isn't going to be until the summer so that gives me plenty of time to start thinking about looks and getting it together.

So this has been an awesome week that gave me insight as to what can happen. I truly believe that God has something BIGGER and better than a 9-5. I know that he will give me (and you) the desires of heart and that Faith without works is dead. My daily prayer is that God puts me in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people, so that I can do what I love. Ultimately whatever his will is for me I want him to make me ready!!!


LoveMeMore said...

Congrats on the opportunities! I love a side hustle too!

kasilicious16 said...

God has a way of making all things work out for good.
-What did you major in at college?

Divona said...

hi! I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check my post for details! Smooches