Monday, February 28, 2011

52 week Savings Update 4

We're at the end of yet another month and yep its that time again. If you're also doing the savings plan, today you should have $156. What I plan on doing this week is pulling that amount of money out of my savings and opening up an account that's separate and only for that reason. As I type I keep the goal of what I'm going to use my money for. Although the end result will be a big pay off I really want to see if I can be disciplined to really save over a period of time that it may eventually become a lifestyle.


Arica said...

I made my account transfer on yesterday!! Here's to the start of saving/depositing weekly as we should have been doing all along...LOL!

Laleepop14 said...

I am right along with you guys!!! Very smart idea!!! I am also trying to be more disciplined as I used to be a great saver and always had money for emergencies and whatnot