Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Official !!!

Over the weekend your girl got certified to become a Zumba instructor (insert applause). This was actually on my goal list last year but fell off (there's a upcoming blog about goals soon). I started doing Zumba as soon as I joined my local gym here in '08 I believe. I'll be the first to tell ya that I'm-no-dancer!!! What I LOVE about myself is that I may start out as the underdog. But once I see what it is that I want, I aim for it and achieve it.  I remember not being the best at drill team in highschool, but the next year I was captain and won local and state championship. I also remember not being the best at stepping (at all, thin line from being cut) but one year we competed with just 3 people, I was one of them and we came in first place (Charlie's Angel's). In a nutshell, I'm saying that if I put my mind into accomplishing it I'm sure that I will succeed. I don't have an issue catching on to the routine in Zumba, it just takes a minute for me to have that flawless finish (since I'm not a dancer).

 As soon as I took the class I just knew that it was something that I'd enjoy and began to tell my family members as well as friends about the class. The Zumba instructor that I had I really enjoyed her positive upbeat attitude. For me the thing with Zumba is to have an awesome instructor. After my previous instructor left without warning the wasn't the same (sad face). Every instructor's background is different so there are certain styles of teaching.

So you may be thinking... what is Zumba? Zumba is the only Latin-inspired fitness program that blends red-hot international music, and contagious steps to form a 'fitness party'. If you're looking for a class click here . There are actually 6 types of classes: Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumbatomic, and Zumba in the Circuit. I'm definitely looking at getting more certifications under my belt, but I'll take it a step at a time.

Although I'm certified to teach, my plans are to see if I can find my previous instructor and see if she'll be my mentor (crosses fingers). I'm going to study my material (music) as well as continue to attend classes and see if I can get on a sub list. I've spoken with a guy at this gym in my neighborhood specifically for Zumba but I think his operation might be a lil 'suspect'. If he opens a new time slot I wouldn't mind it. But being the hustler that I am, I'm  going to try to work out a lil something something at the 40. Special shout out to my cousin Dmitri for congratulating me on my 'hustlers ambition'.

I am super excited about this fitness program (like ecstatic). I'll definitely keep you all informed especially when I get my own class, as for now its learn, learn, learn. If you all are in my area and interested in attending a class, I plan on taking a 3 hr. class on Sunday. Two piece will be on deck and fitting right (minus a lil booty meat) for Viva Las Vegas!!!

BTW- do any of you have the Zumba game? I bought it last week but haven't had the time to play it. What are your thoughts?


allen said...

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Kenzie Leigh said...

Congrats on becoming an instructor!! i loove zumba

Arica said...

CONGRATULATIONS Askew!!! You are a "GO GET-AH" and I commend you for keeping it that way.

You summed it up by saying that every instructor is different. I enjoy my class here but the instructor does not have rhythm so everything is...OFF BEAT :( none the less, I can see the results in my mid-section :).

Get your routines together, I really do want you to give us a room session in Vegas!

NaturallyEJ said...

Congrats! I have wanted to take a zumba class for a long time. I may finally do it in the next couple weeks.

Pam said...

Yea I am late but proud nonetheless! Congratulations! I am going to attend your first class. First, I am going to get up to speed on Wii! Perhaps I will tell you all about it! You are a hustler but more importantly, you are achieving your goals. That is awesome! Life is too short not to pursue your dreams and desires no matter what they are! Love ya, cuz!