Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope that everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day. I knew before hand that there would be no #boo in my future and fully accepted that. I found a very interesting read this morning and posted it to Facebook:

Today is a day to celebrate Love. Love of yourself, love for life, for struggles, for everyone in your life, for who is IN your life as well as love for who is OUT of your life. If you're single, today is a great day to celebrate your freedom and embrace even more courage to be more open, more loving and more curious about love.

I felt like that was something that everyone could use. I remember last year being pressed to have a Valentine/date, etc. But this year I was totally opposite, I was just like blah. Honestly, the few text that I received this morning were enough for me. Valentine's Day is a great day to show people that you love them but I'd rather that your love be shown everyday!!! In the words of 3000- Everyday's the 14th!!!

OAN- Sweet Dreams Beautiful Nightmare asked me out to dinner and I obliged but there's no going back!!!

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