Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...

WOW... we're 7 days into a new month and as I look at my blog I've only written twice now ya'll know that's a d*mn shame!!! Sooo much has been going on with me!!! Please believe I've had topics on my mind and have even typed a few and saved them to my work desktop (yes it's that serious). When I don't write I feel like my mind is just consumed with sooo many words/feelings. I really hate the fact that I was unable to update you all on the 52 week savings. I'll be sure to do a post on that Monday!!!

Sooo... I've been super stressed due to the fact that I'm going to have to move soon. No, it is not something that I'm looking forward too. I actually received a rent notice on my door about 2 weeks ago (I knew it was coming, but not that soon). When I opened it I saw the increase to $1375... What The F*CK (yes an acronym was not appropriate)!!! My rent now is already high as heck and seeing this I was just super annoyed. Like it totally ruined my night. Oh wait... that's not the last of it, that's only the fee without my additional monthly pet fee of $25, bringing my total to a whopping $1400 a month. No need to ask... that does not include water, lights, or gas. Oops, I forgot about cable. I already know that I can't afford to pay that amount on my measly salary (that's a whole 'nother blog of pisstivity).

So my lease isn't actually up until the 27th of June and I'm required to give a 60 day notice to vacate. I typed it to put in along with my rent but took it out only to see if my lease has a maximum amount they could increase by. I'll probably have time to handle that on Saturday. After I got the news I started apartment hunting. No need to wait. I would LOVE to stay closer to my job but I like living in a 2br. apartment and I know that I wouldn't be able to afford that near my job (why do people say work in place of job? It just doesn't sound grammatically correct, I digress all in these parenthesis). I also considered getting a roommate to save on fund$ but I know that ain't hardly me!!! I haven't had a roommate since my first senior year of college #dontjudgeme!!!

Looking for a place has been sooo time consuming. There are certain things that I have to have like... a washing machine in my apartment, and the place must accept pets. Oh... I forgot the most important thing... be within my price range. I really, really LOVE my current apartment, it is sooo KRISTIN. I feel like in the area that I live in, my complex would definitely be considered in the top 3. I'm really not willing to move to something less (no I'm not fancy huh). I just have to keep in mind that the place I live in has to be safe and astetically correct. That last statement alone puts a whole lot of places out of the running. So I decided to look at townhouses and condos. Then I started to rethink townhouses just because I can see the utilities being high since I'd have to heat the top and bottom. So condos it is, because usually you'll get water included (knocks down one bill). I actually saw a condo that I likes and visited last weekend. I'm going to look again with my cousin Pam and after that I think it just may be the one. There are a couple of things that I dislike but I guess I can learn to get over them.

Please believe this is still a constant stressor for me. It's certainly putting a dent in my summer plans and my freaking birthday in regard to fun(d$)!!! I hope and pray that everything works out smoothly and I don't spend over $2000 (pray for me). To end on a positive... what God has for me it is for me (so no doubt it'll work out)!!!


Pynkstarr said...

Dang girl, that amount is like NYC apartments. Well, all I can say is pray on it and let God lead you to the right place. Apartment hunting can be like an extra job sometimes. Wish you luck!
God bless

Special K said...

I think I've already made my choice in regard to the condo. I feel like everything just fits!!! I am praying continually for everything... mainly a sense of direction from God on what he wants me to do next. Thanks chick and thanks for reading!!!