Monday, April 11, 2011

52 Week Savings Update 5

So I totally missed the mark in regard to posting about the 52 week challenge for update 5. Let me be the first to tell ya THIS IS HARD (yes that's me yelling)!!! What I was told once is that you should pay yourself first. For me this should be quite easy considering that I have two jobs and technically means I get paid every week. However this is definitely a challenge. I think next week I'm going to withdraw the set amount I need first (AKA before shopping) and put in my 52 Week savings account.

I honestly have no issue with you all following this blog to hold me accountable (trust me, I need this)!!! As for this week, on April the 11th (my lil sister b-day), the amount that we all are supposed to have is (drum roll please) $276.00 that translates to $23 for this week. Let's just say ya girl is s-h-o-r-t!!! On a brighter note I did open up an additional savings account for this challenge and at the end of the month $25 automatically transfers over however I'm only at $195 (you do the math since I'm not good at it). Actyally, I just did the math (on my calculator of course), I'm $81 short. Not too bad, huh? Not sure how I'm going to catch up since I'm moving and finally have an Ipad 2 on the way (can you say priorities). Long story short, I could hold off on that pair of Tom's I wanna order sooo freak'n bad!!! All in all I want to have exactly what I need to correlate with the amount for April 25th (the next time I post).

                                  I would like to end this post with a special
 17th Birthday shout-out to the BEST, PRETTIEST, MOST STYLISH sister in the world

                                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMILLE LOVE YA!!!

                                                 Kamille and I last year when she turned 16

                                                  Can you tell... I really LOVE my sister!!!


Coya S. said...

Hello!!!! I have awarded you with a "Stylish Blogger Award"!! Congratulations! Check out my blog from April 11 for details!! :-)

Arica said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kamille!! Now to you Askew...DO BETTER! No wonder I haven't heard from you? Ipad2 on the way ummmm huh congrats!

Tameka J said...

That is so weird my mom's maiden name is Askew