Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All The Single Ladies

Last night I was up until 2am watching the cameo of Single Ladies with Lisa Raye, Stacey Dash, and . Last night was a 2 hour special and I wasn’t prepared to stay up until 2am but I did. Let me just say, right from the start of the show the drama popped off. There were cameos from Eve, Kim Porter, Common., Kandi, Lauren Londen, and several other ATL elites. What I was most impressed with is the fact that the show tackled real issues that most of us single women are dealing with, have dealt with, and won’t EVER deal with again.

If you missed it, the show started by someone stating that a man knows within 20 minutes or so (from the initial contact) if he’s going to marry a woman. Someone then makes a comment as to why Val (Stacy Dash) and her beau aren’t married since they’ve been together for 5 years. And guess what, dude tries to downplay the reason they aren’t married. The story line skipped to 3 months later and guess what, her former beau was engaged (in unison, ain’t-that-a-b*tch). Now you all know that I got in my feelings a bit about that because I wrote a previous post on it. Long story short, after she finds out about the engagement, she ends up having an immediate fling with some random dude. The she tries to get closure with the previous beau and he has I-feel-sorry-for-you sex with her. Now for those of you that haven’t actually watched the show and are following from my recap, remember this is the #nojudgement zone. I may not have participated in both of her actions but definitely one. The messed up part was that after her rendezvous she thought she was pregnant and had no clue who the baby daddy was (chant with me now, Maury, Maury).

Now let’s move on to the next character, April. She’s a cute blonde chick married for a number of years to a black guy. You can tell that April’s husband is in LOVE with her and guess what, she’s cheating. She’s not undercover cheating, yet, all out in the open cheating with a high profile man (the Mayor). She tries to downplay their fling but you can tell that she’s really into him. Her husband expresses that he’s ready to have a child and she tells him maybe in a couple of years. She’s also lied to her husband and used her friends to cover although she didn’t let them in on the actual lie. In the end, the Mayor is actually involved in a scandal with a white woman but (luckily) it wasn’t ApriI. I’m all for equal opportunity, but I hate when a person won’t date the race that they are for whatever reason. There are a**holes in every ethnicity/culture as there are sweethearts #choosewisely. Ok, I digress, but it had to be said!!!

The last main character is Keisha's (Lisa Raye) character that’s a video vixen. As always she plays her regular character (again) a sassy-mouthed stereotypical black woman. It seemed like everyone else’s issue was brought to light except Lisa Raye. In her early years as a video vixen she was also a thief, and on this episode she was being blackmailed for it. I can’t wait to actually see what happens to her next week since she recently stole an item (unbeknowingly) from a guy she’s seeing.

Now I know that some people thought that the acting was a bit off, mainly due to Stacy Dash. For me she always appears transparent as if she doesn’t have any depth, in regard to actually being ‘in character’. I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store next season and see how on pint the writers are with a real single woman’s life.

What were your thoughts on the show?

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