Monday, May 9, 2011

I Got, I Got, I Got

Sooo last Monday I received my new 'pride and joy' the lovely iPad 2. As you all know I really wanted it. I went back and forth in my mind trying to justify the large purchase but I had a couple of fund$ set aside to make the purchase so I finally did. I also wanted to do it before a certain date because my bank recently stopped us from accruing points with debit card purchases (that sucks I was racking up). Let me just say this order totally screwed with my head. I would check my order status almost daily because Apple gave me a 2-3 week window. And of course I wanted it to come within the 2 weeks, but that was clearly another story.

But of course when I got it, it was pure excitement. Well kinda... due to all of the waiting I was kinda out of it. Last Monday was such a busy day for me that I almost left it in the trunk of my car LoL!!! What I'll say is that if you are debating on a net book or any other type of tablet, Apple is definitely the way to go. Ok, I know you all are saying it is sooo expensive. Yes, I can't lie they are. But when it comes to Apple, they're synonymous with Quality. What that actually means for me/you/us (the consumer), is that we'll have a high resell value if we ever decide to sell (and you know we will sell cause another version will be out tomorrow, LoL).

Sooo I bet you're wondering exactly which model did I purchase. I actually got the White 16gb with Verizon. The reason why I chose the white is because my Macbook is white so I wanted to make it a lil baby (lame, I know). I know that I could have saved a lot of fund$ by choosing the wi-fi only, but I actually look at this as a replacement... well alternative to my actual computer. I stopped traveling with my Macbook a long time ago but at times I still need to use a computer at my own leisure when I'm away from home. This provides all that and more for me. I also did a bit of comparison with the data plans with AT&T as well as Verizon. I chose Verizon because they're coverage area is broader. Keep in mind this not only acts as a mini computer but you can even get a car mount and use it as a GPS, or play movies for the kiddos (in my case Lyric). I also like the fact that I can run the Nook or Kindle app and have books on the go. I already downloaded the main book... the B-I-B-L-E (yes that's the book for me). Kool thing about the bible app is that they even have an offline app. I haven't yet started my data plan (cause I'm fine using wi-fi for now) but I really wanted to use my Bible app at church and was happy to find the off-line version. That means that they allow you to read the bible without a data connection #superkool!!!

Now you know as a proud parent I had to hurry up and clothe this baby. And of course I chose leopard print. I actually saw several other cases that I wanted, specifically Hello Kitty. But I needed something soon-and-very-soon so I purchased this one from Target for $16.99. It's cute and it does the job of protecting it until I sale (LoL). The only thing about this case is I have to take it out to do Face Time (unfortunately I have no one to do that with). I will post a more in depth review on my YouTube page as soon as I can.

Just in case you all are thinking about purchasing the Ipad 2, I say to do so from the Apple store or from My reason for saying so is that many other retailers have blind shipment (meaning the don't know the exact number their getting in) or they have a first-come-first-serve policy. A friend of mine ordered her's from Bestbuy and was told the same thing about the 2-3 week hold. Let's just say she canceled and ended up placing a new order with Apple. If you choose to go through a retailer (for whatever reason, you may have a store card) know that you can purchase accessories at a fraction of the cost from an online retailer. I plan on purchasing additional accessories from I also want to get a new Ipad docking station/stereo and the one I have in mind is by iluv. Trust me I've done the research and this thing is AWESOME.

If you all are current owners of the iPad or iPad 2 please let me know what are some of your favorite apps. I'm really interested in trying the dating app on iPhone and iPad for only iPad and iPhone users. I'll let ya know if I decide to spend 99 cents on it #POW!!!

P.S- I need a name for my new baby let me know what you have in mind?


LoveMeMore said...

I asked my bf to buy me one this morning...I'm awaiting a reply

Special K said...

I wish I had a bf that would consider getting me one. I hope the answer is yes :-)

nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Congratulations on your new baby! Isn't it fun and pretty! i got mine the day it came out and i haven't put it down yet :-)

Dee said...

I am way jealous but congrats on the iPad! It's not really a purchase I can currently justify, but I am all for those who can :)

Special K said...

@Nikkia I LOVE it. I'm lacking on apps though sooo you have to hook me up with some apps!!!

@Dee Thanks girl. I keep longing for it over and over so when I finally had my fund$ together I decided to purchase. I think its a good investment plus since I blog and make YouTube videos I can write it off #WINNING

Special K said...

Ooops typo, I meant kept LoL

Sarah Jane said...

I've been debating if i want to get an IPad because I have my laptop. Congrats on making the decision. I have a feeling if funds permit me, I will invest in one :)

Sarah Jane R.

Linda said...

Well since your first baby's name is Lyric how about naming your Ipad 2....Melody. Corny I know, but I think it's

Pam said...

I have one and love it, I use it at work and free wifi. (I bought the 8gb first edition) I wish I had waited for this one but oh well. Just loaded the kindle app on it yesterday and downloaded my first book. AWESOME!