Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Bizzack

It has been a hott minute since I've posted and since today is the last day of the month I'll leave you with a few pics of whats been going on...

*I moved
*My lil sister visited
*Discovered a farmer's market
*Went to Miami 


Sarah Jane said...

Welcome back! Great photos, and I'm loving your summer style!

Sarah Jane R.

Pynkstarr said...

Welcome back Miss lady. Looks like you had an awesome summer so far.
Stay blessed

Special K said...

@Sarah Jane- thank you, I see you're doing big things with your blog. Congrats on that!!!

Special K said...

@Pynkstarr- Thanks, I thought about blogging but I've just been lazy lol!!! Looks like you're doing well in school, keep up the good work!!!

Bombchell said...

omg i miss peaches/ nectarines !! i didn't realize it or think about them till i saw your pictures.

Geriee the Glamazon said...

lovely scenery!