Sunday, July 31, 2011

Natural Hair Meetup...DC Edition

Today I had an opportunity to attend a new natural hair meetup in DC. If you are in the DMV area or if you're visiting soon be sure to check out the Nu Growth meetup group. If you happened to miss out on this awesome event, no worries, there will be another event of this sort on the 13th. Of course you'll have to check out the group (and hopefully join) to get more info. Although, I've attended several meetups/events in the area, today solidified that I need business cards. I mean everyone was passing theirs around while I wrote mine on a napkin... I digress.

What I can tell you from the start is that there are several trendy ladies in this group. I LOVED the boy cut, she rocked it well.

 The organizer Jocelyn welcomed us to the event and she even printed out cute name tags with our pics on them. I later found out that she's a local hair stylist and I can't wait to try her out. You all know how my luck has been with hair stylist... I digress.  But I'm super happy that she's natural and understands the special care it takes to manage natural hair.

There were sooo many diverse women, I even met a soror (Skee-Wee).

There were even a few YouTubers in the building. I met mstiaradean, SoUtHeRnGrYl, and my girl tifflawrain was there as well/

Although there were faboulous ladies in the building, there were also a few guys that rocked their natural hair well with locks.
And of course, we definitely outnumbered the guys as always lol. Hopefully the group will start attracting more natural males as well.

I had to take a pic with her rocking this hoop. I'm not sure if you all noticed in my last post but... I recently got my nose pierced and I'm obsessed with wearing a hoop soon.

 One thing that I LOVE about the natural hair community is the way we build each other up. I swear I was having a bad hair day but these ladies complemented me and I instantly... I was boosted. I even did a mini live tutorial on how I twist. I hope to see you all at the next event. Who know's maybe I'll just host my own event soon *side eye*


CurlyNuGrowth said...

Great post! I am glad you enjoyed the event. If you need any helping planning your own meetup, don't be a stranger :)

Special K said...

Thanks for stopping by. Now I'm definitely not interested in starting my own meetup but I have a few ideas of future meetups. So I'd be happy to assist you if needed.

SoUtHeRnGrYl (Gayna) said...

OK, I wanna be a blogger but I don't know the first thing about it...BOTH you ladies have AWESOME BLOGS :-). Kristin, you know they say,"Our worst hair day is the BEST hair day." I look forward to seeing you on the Aug.13th and hey I will volunteer my services to help you put together a meetuP.

CurlyNuGrowth said...

I would definitely appreciate and help or ideas you'd like to share. And yes Kristin, you're hair was so FAB during the meetup, everyone kept commenting about how much they love it!

Have You Lived Today? said...

your hair is on point!!

lasophia said...

I had no idea there was such a community out there. That's so cool. Looks like a lovely group of ladies and men. I wonder what my hair community would be? Premature gray?