Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To Be Loved...

A couple of months ago I had a chance to witness my line sister's wedding and of course that put me in a lovey dovey mood. As I've stated on my blog before... I LOVE, LOVE!!! It felt sooo good to witness my line sister marry someone that loves her just the same as she loves him. So far about 7 of my line sisters are married (out of the ones I keep in touch with). Going to their weddings year after year gives me hope that one day *echo* 'one day' it'll be my turn too!!!

In regard to relationships and all things lovey-dovey... the summertime happened to leave me with a relationship of my own (insert gasps and sighs here). All I can say is... it happened just in time for cuffing season. I'll let you know that I am a bit guarded and hesitant, lets just say it's been a long time. I'm trying to remain open and just go-with-the-flow but its kinda hard to do so. When I say that this just happened, it really did. Sometimes I'm still shocked...like I'm no longer single Kristin, but attached Kristin... a la when asked, I have to answer I have someone or I'm in a relationship. And not that its a bad thing its just different. After being single for sooo long I just got used to thinking only of me and my feelings/perspective.

Now I know my title refers to love but I'm no way near that 4 letter word yet. But to even change the letters around a bit for 'liked' kinda gives me butterflies. Those that follow my blog consistently, know that I've typed about my relationship woes in the past so this unexpected twist in fate feels good, to say the least. I can't lie there are constant challenges each week which mainly help me grow but also us grow together as a couple. I've learned what-not-to-do from my past and try other methods for my future. Now I have no clue how long this feeling or fellow will last, but I kinda think I won't be having a what-do-the-lonely-do type of holiday. However, if that is not the case my new found relationship still puts me another notch closer to being loved!!!

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Style4Curves said...

I hope it works out. Love is the best thing ever!!!