Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day: A Day On, Not A Day Off

I hope everyone took time out to remember the great works of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I honestly wonder how the world would have changed if Dr. King was living today. I just know Boondocks can't be an accurate portrayal although at times it seems that way. Growing up with a bunch of educators, Black History was something that was discussed and recognized on a regular in my home. I remember going to the King center in Atlanta as a child as well as reading books and watching movies. What was so special about Dr. King to me, is that he was a non-violent Christian activist. In addition to that, he was also well educated and a family man. To this day, it still amazes me that Dr. King stepped up as a spokesman for Negros, rallied our people together and fought for equality. I often wonder who will be the Dr. King of our times? And not just Dr. King, but we have room today for a Medgar Evans, Ralph Abernathy, Rosa Parks, or a Dr. Daniel Hale. Our people have pressed on toward the higher mark and the same attitude of those who paved the way (in several areas) should be embedded in our spirits.

Today wasn't a day off for me (I actually had to request the day off at my job *smh*) I spent the morning volunteering with my sorority. It actually felt really good too. I remember my undergrad days were spent building for Habitat for Humanity on MLK day. A few of my sorors and I volunteered at a community center gathering donations to be sold in a consignment shop. Jst a few pics below of us getting our volunteer on!!!

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