Saturday, July 21, 2012

Super Saturday at Tyson's Mall

Today was such a Super Saturday at Tyson's Mall. If you didn't know, I work part time at Kiehl's and today was the ending stop for their 3rd Annual Life Ride event. This event is such a big deal so that meant we all had to make sure we were in place on time to make our guest comfortable; and sell our wonderful products at the same time.

Life Ride is a charity motorcycle ride partnered with Amfar. Kiehl's USA President Chris Salgardo led the way on the ride. Kiehl's also made donations at each of the stores the ride stopped at totaling $90,000. Not only was this a big to do in our store, it was also a big to do in the area since several celebrities showed up. I actually had a chance to meet model Tyson Beckford. Let me just say that he was super sweet and very handsome. Total win, when your inside (personality) matches your outside appearance.

My Manager and I with Tyson Beckford
 Not only was this big but my former place of employment, Lush released their new makeup line. If you have sensitive skin, this line may be up your ally since all of Lush's products are vegetarian and even a few vegan products. I was excited to stop by and play in their area.

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