Monday, July 2, 2012

Thinking of June in July Pt 1

Let's just say, I totally wanted my FAV month June to be the month that I blogged my butt off, but procrastination got the best of me yet again. So here I am in July still thinking about June and wanting you all to relive some of my Fav moments.

So since the month of June is my FAV (once again) I was super ecstatic that I'd recieve two monthly mail boxes. Last month was my second month recieving Birchbox and my first time receiving the CurlBox. Birchbox is always an unexpected treat since I'm not really into makeup. But for $10, I'll give it one more month. Last month was the Jetsetters' box and since your girl has a few trips up her sleeve I'm excited that I got it. I look forward to next month but if it fails me, I'm I do have a complaint though, after viewing YouTube videos of what others received I feel like I may be missing out a bit. Last month I looked at my box and at others and was like I-wish-I-had-that!!! Take a look below at what the Birchbox offered me for the month of June.

My second box was the Curlbox, it was the box that I was most excited about. I guess my excitement stemmed from the box they had for the month of May. That particular box was jam packed because it was the creators' Myleik's birthday. I sooo HATE that I missed that one. She had confetti in  it as if it were a true gift to her subscribers.   Let me just say that this box contained one item that made me keep it around for another box. The shampoo included made me feel as if it were a birthday gift to me since I'd been wanting to try the product out. An ex co-worker of mine raced about the products  and I was too cheap to go purchase them. Let me just say after using the shampoo, I totally understand why she raved about it and I am making it my mission to go and purchase the line soon!!!

So have any of you tried out any monthly subscription boxes? If so, which one(s) were your FAV and which one(s) did not meet the mark? 

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shani. said...

i never heard about this curl box! lol i got a birch box before and i didnt like it so much, but the curl box is something i know i can use. thanks :)