Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ram In The Bush


One of my grandmother's favorite saying's is 'God has a ram in the bush'. She has said this sooo many times, especially when I'm going through something tough, and to be honest that saying has ALWAYS been 100% true. There have been times when I've needed something and God has ALWAYS provided, not just provided within the situation, but provided through a person totally unrelated to the situation. There have been numerous accounts that I can list God having a ram in the bush, someone willing to step in and fill in the gap. This whole 'moving ordeal' has been yet another testament to the saying. People that I've recently met have helped me pack and even offered me to stay in their home for a month until I heard back from a job or just ultimately decided to move home. Those were very nice gestures, because trust me I NEVER thought I would be in the position that I'm in currently. I am not the type of person that asks for help unless I have absorbed all of my options and really, really need it. One of my 'new friends' made it very clear to me today by saying, 'God isn't going to come down and hand you things, but he does put people in your life to help you out'. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been feeling like I am in this alone and trust me, I know that I'm not. This week I am very grateful for all of the 'Ram's' that have come out of the 'bush' to listen to me rant, cry, and offer their assistance and kind words in return for nothing. I am totally appreciative!!! This whole experience has totally taught me that you NEVER know what you're going to grow through (that was not a typo) but my prayer is that I will also be a 'ram in the bush' for someone.

P.S- Thank you to all of you that read my blog and are praying on my behalf and sending positive energy my way, totally appreciate it.


mickybelle said...

I'm glad that you do know that you have people that you don't even know exist that are praying on your behalf! All will be well.
-Peace and blessings,

portfolioyes said...

I sure wish you would hurry up and sign in and check your emails and then call me.

MsGreatGlam said...

Its these big and drastic changes that opens the doors to awesomeness....God has big plans for you ma'am...keep on believing and stay focused on Him.

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