Monday, August 26, 2013

A is for Awesome

An awesome weekend is just what I needed. I was sooo gung ho on attending the Afro Punk Festival and when those plans that I never made fell through; I was excited that I still had an entire weekend off and could attend the 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington.  Growing up in Ga. and in my household period there was always a black history lesson taught, literally always. I also have very vivid memories of visiting the King center in Atlanta and can still remember portions of the 'I Have A Dream' speech. I was super excited to be a part of history, especially since I didn't attend neither of the inaugurations for President Barak Obama. As soon as I made it to the metro station you could feel the ambiance in the air. There were sooo many people in the DC area marching in support of some cause; causes I never heard of, causes that others may have forgotten about, marching to make a difference and have their voice heard. Although it was super hot and packed, I couldn't imagine being any place else. The memories and feelings of togetherness that I'll be able to pass on to my future children  is way more valuable than a concert.


I also had a chance to kick it with the Peculiar Ladies from NeonV magazine. I super excited to see that they were hosting a picnic with tasty treats from Lemonmade. I am a lover of all things macaroons, French macaroons that is. Let me just say I had an awesome time meeting all of new peeps in the DMV. The weather was super hot and sunny and the libations were flowing. This totally seemed like a group of ladies I could kick it with and have a good time with. Take a looksy for yourself.

                                                                       Look at the ladies Live In Neon!!!

Liz and I with her tasty macaroons!!!
Lovely Ladies of GW!!!
Model stance, always!!!
Look at this mane, super cute!!!

Me and Ms.Badu!!!
Turning Up!!!

                                                                                                           Playing Heads Up (this app is great)



I hope I'm able to hang out with these ladies again


Look At Me Live In Neon

After such a long weekend I was wore out!!!

*My apologies for the pics, I'm still learning my camera settings* 


Kenzie Leigh said...

I was out of town Saturday so i missed it but I heard it was wonderful! Are you going to attend the march on Wed?

Law_Fal said...

What an awesome experience!

Special K said...

@kenzie Sorry for the late reply, I didn't attend on Wed. I had to go to court and a job interview.

@Law_Fal Yes, it was a great experience!!!

Carla said...

Definitely an awesome experience. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but I am living vicariously through EVERYONE's blog posts and IG posts in regards to this awesome piece of history!