Saturday, January 11, 2014


This week I had the pleasure of venturing to the west coast (LA to be exact) for the very first time. I wish you all knew my excitement to visit a new area and see new things. It's sooo funny how a change of scenery can change your outlook. I believe that this particular trip did that for me. I returned back to work refreshed, in a better mood, and a new outlook on the future (go me). 
It was also good to get away from the cold DC weather and into some sun!!! I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do but I really hope I get that chance to explore more at Coachella (I am claiming that I'll be there to see Outkast). 

My first stop of the trip was Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. It was everything and then some!!! I had the #9 The Obama Special (3 wings and a waffle) with a Sunrise (lemonade and orange juice mixture) on the side. This was sooo good that I went back a second time. 

Afterwards I cruised through Beverly Hills for some window shopping.

Finally, we were able to visit the Beverly Connection that housed all of my FAV stores: Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Target, and CVS. I was in a bargain shoppers heaven!!! The City Target there was beautiful!!! There was this super cute sequin 2 piece that's on my list of things to get. I was also amazed at how they just let dogs walk in the stores with their owners; kinda made me miss Lyric.

Afterwards, I headed to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There was sooo much going on in the area.

The main reason of the trip was to attend the Championship game between Auburn and Florida State. Being in the atmosphere with all of the super alumni/fans makes me wish I would have attended a D-1 school. I also wish I would have taken a few 'street style pics'. There were sooo many cute navy and orange outfits. You definitely have to be a fashionista to make orange jeans look good. Florida State and Auburn both played awesome... Still, War Eagle!!!

My last day of the trip was spent in San Diego, since I couldn't fly out of LA. I enjoyed a bit more sun and some really good seafood.

My time on the west coast was short, but it definitely was a good getaway. I hope that this trip is a start to all things wonderful in 2014. 

Dear LA,

I hope that when I meet you again, I'll be in a drop top cruising the scene, wearing vintage shorts and a band tee. I hope that you'll allow me to walk your beaches and dine in some of your exclusive restaurants. 

Missing Californ-I-a


Law_Fal said...

LA is so much fun! What an exciting trip! I'm sure the game was even more exciting in person than it was on tv!

Teronda said...

Ahhhh. I absolutely love LA.