Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fab, Fun, Food- Arlington and 14th St.

Do you know what I love more than shopping? Hint, it starts with a nice restaurant, tasty drinks, and a banging entree. Yep, you got it, eating out and trying new food and restaurants is one of my guilty pleasures. I am definitely a self-proclaimed foodie. This past weekend a friend if mine who's also a foodie came to visit and we had an amazing time over food and drinks. Just a little look into my fabulous food filled weekend. 

All of that food over the course of 2 days and for the most part it was all great!!! I also had a chance to discover a new market in DC. Another FAV past time of mine is lane lurking (basically walking the aisles of supermarkets to see what's new). Take a look at this cute wine/mini market that I stumbled upon. I can definitely see myself coming back here for any of there goodies. 

I had to get the fresh milk, something about having milk in a bottle made me forget all about being lactose intolerant. And of course what's milk without a cookie. Let me know if there are any cool, cute, yet tasty and flavorful restaurants around that I should try.

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Teronda said...

Yup, something about milk in a bottle. :) ... My mouth waters every time I see a steak. With garlic, too? Girl.