Saturday, May 17, 2008

Could This Be The Worse Movie Ever?

So I had the pleasure of spending a boring Saturday watching How She Moves. Let's just say I am so happy I didn't waste my $9.00 by seeing this at the movies. After 20 minutes I didn't know if the chic was in high school or what... the movie was just scattered!!! As a former stepper, I didn't feel like this was true stepping just a Bootleg version. I was also hesitant to see Stomp The Yard because I think the media capitalizes off of Black America enough, then off of my beloved HBCU's... that's another realm. Take our uniqueness and creativity, but not support our educational endeavors (okay off subject and on my soapbox). But Stomp The Yard was actually good, The Way She Moves is a complete mockery of it. What was up with MTV, this movie is as low budget as it gets. The music is way louder than the the actors speaking!!! I'll say it for everyone... NO More Dance Movies PLEASE!!! 

To think, I'm still watching it... 

Let's all say together... HATED IT!!!

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