Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things- Anita Baker: reminds me of candy land, like everything is just pretty, whimsical, fruity smells, bright colors. The song just puts me in a happy mood. I add to my favorite things all the time,but those that are constant are:
*Hello Kitty (can't wait for the Mac edition)
*Vanilla scented candles, perfume
*Live music (especially when I get to rock the mic)



But right now I think my favorite thing is MAKEUP !!! I am sooo obsessed with it, I spend countless hours watching youtube videos, trying to try out the 'new best thing'. Right now I'm jumping on the MUFE HD, I tried it on a second time (because I forgot my number, 170) and absolutely LOVED it!!! It was so light, and when I compared a pic of it to my Mac, the coverage seemed airbrushed. 

My next favorite thing would be MAKEUP BRUSHES, you can't have one without the other!!! I definitely wouldn't mind having the Mac brushes but they are sooo expensive!!! I don't mind trying dupes but there are some which are just  'must haves'. I really wanted the Holiday makeup brushes from Costco (the white set, just in case you wanted to gift them) and tried to go get them on a 'day pass'. Get this the company doesn't do 'day passes' anymore, and was like the membership was $50, of course this was a WTF moment because the brushes are only $20. So oh well on that... for now.

If anyone knows of any dupe for great brushes or new makeup, let me know!!!

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Bombchell said...

ooh I got some costco brushes a while ago. loved them.

i refuse to tempt myself with the hello kitty lipsticks =/ i promised my self no shopping till April, but does makeup count??