Tuesday, October 16, 2012

That Time Again... Spa Week


Yesterday was the first day of Spa Week. I ALWAYS participate in Spa Week. And if you know me, you know that I had my reservation in place over a month ago. I live for a good massage any day. Unfortunately the salon that I like best was not participating this time around which totally SUCKS. Being the nerd that I am, I had to look/read the majority of the reviews that were available. Looks like this time around there weren’t a lot of salons/spas participating (come on peeps it’s only once a year). Although Red Door was on the list (as always) I chose to go somewhere that I didn’t think would be too pretentious (that was wrong, right). But no, really, Red Door didn’t offer any services that I was interested in. I will say that my massage was good. It was the first time that the masseuse started with me lying on my back. She worked my neck, shoulder, arms, thighs, and legs and saved my back for last. I guess that I actually forgot I was naked under the sheet, because when the masseuse asked about my tattoos, I felt like saying ‘whatchu talk’n bout Willis’. The only downside to the massage was that my breathing was a little bit off at times. At times I sounded as if I were snoring lol. I wish I would have got a bit of a cranial massage as well. After about 5 minutes into the massage the soothing music (which could have drowned out my breathing issues) died. Not too bad, but like I said, there were a few downsides.

After the massage was over the masseuse mentioned to the Spa Coordinator that the music stopped and it had been doing so for quite some time. The Coordinator asked if I’d book again and I said that I didn’t know. I didn’t give that answer based on the actual massage; it’s just that when I find a place/person that I like I’m loyal. I guess based upon my answer and in regard to the non-existent soothing music, I was offered a 25% off coupon for my next massage. With that being said I’ll definitely be booking another appointment.

Are you all participating this year, if so let me know which salon/spa interest you?

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